Welcome to Poppy Floral! As our weddings have grown larger and more elaborate over the years, it’s still very much a small boutique studio, run by me – Meghan! Started out of my home years ago, I found that working with flowers and creating amazing designs for my couples was a perfect career choice for me. I love all things design, floral, and just making people smile! Using my design background to create floral art with my own two hands, and taking some wonderfully vague concepts from my clients (pink and romantic – sure! rustic greenery but still elegant – ok!) and creating a wedding day that speaks to them is truly a craft I feel honored to be apart of. I also don’t mind dressing up a ‘flower-dog’ or two! 

Please see below for pricing information. 

Poppy Floral is honored to celebrate all weddings throughout New England, and warmly welcomes all LGBTQ couples and their families.

Unique and bespoke weddings...

I price all my weddings to industry standard models to allow for the correct quantities and flower types needed to successfully complete each clients desired concepts. Due to rising floral and labor costs, I typically recommend budgeting $150+ for low centerpieces, $400+ for tall centerpieces, $250+ for bridal bouquets, and $120+ for bridesmaid bouquets. Custom installations and larger structures typically start at $1,500. 

Many Boston venues can have rigorous load-in and load-out guidelines, so expect a 25% delivery and break-down fee on most floral packages.

The above pricing and labor costs are based on years of experience and ensures I’m able to deliver exactly the look our clients are wanting to see, and have an experienced team to make it all happen.