Market Finds, February

There are many types of flowers that are typically thought of as wedding flowers, our most popularly requested flowers are peonies, garden roses, dahlias, and ranunculus. Other popular accents include craspedia and succulents, to name a few. So I wanted to start a new blog category that focused on the more unknown items that come into the Boston flower market that brides may not think of, but add some diversity and uniqueness to their arrangements. This month’s choice is the incredibly versatile Bridal’s Wreath Spiraea (appropriately named). A deep green branch with little white flowers, the branches are delicate enough to add to a low centerpiece or even a bridal bouquet, but I also love how elegant and simple it can be on it’s own, left at it’s full height, for a stunning tall arrangement. It’s a great substitute for when cherry blossom branches feel too…well… ‘branchy’. Check out how we used it in the studio in the gallery below.

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