Insider’s Look into our “Flower Recipes”.

Interested in purchasing your own flowers? Here’s a quick guide to our Rustic Elegance Centerpiece. You can either purchase as a kit already configured for you, or create your own beauty with our Cut Flower Packages, using these counts as a guide for what you’ll need.

For centerpieces, you’ll want to think about how your guests will view it on all sides. Because of that, I like to work in quantities of 2-3 for each item, so I can place them throughout the arrangement, and give each guest a glimpse of the full design. For this arrangement I used the following (listed in the order they were placed in the arrangement).

  • 3 stems ruscus
  • 3 stems hydrangea
  • 2 stems lilac
  • 2 stems hyacinth
  • 2 stems tulips
  • 2 stems dahlias
  • 1 stem thistle (you can cut each ‘bloom’ off individually).

So if you wanted to make something similar, I would recommend ordering 11 stems of flowers, and 4-5 stems of greenery for each centerpiece.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments! This is just one of the simple ways to figure out how many flowers you’ll need. Happy creating!


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