Spring Impatience. And Terrariums.

Walking around Cambridge this past week I was delighted to see small shoots of green starting to emerge. Finally! I considered airing out the down comforter, putting the summer blankets on the bed, storing all my wool sweaters, and retiring the well used ‘sweater tights’ from these past (albeit¬†weak) winter months. Than I double checked the weather forecast – 5 more days of of 45-50 degree weather. Mmm…not quite ready to break out the capris and spring wedges I suppose. While still impartient for it to truly be spring, I decided to head out the nursery anyways. There, large signs were taped to the blooming daffodils and crocuses: “Do not plant outside – too cold still!”. Ah, I see I’m not the only one itching to jump the gun. I instead headed towards the indoor plant greenhouse, which felt like a warm tropical rainforest, and the smell of just watered soil filled the heavy air. There I found what I will always be a sucker for: tiny little plants, designed specifically for the tiny self-sustaining world of a terrarium. At $2 a piece, I quickly had my basket filled with a plethora of mini ferns, irish moss, and a small bonsai maple, which I was told would actually change colors with the season.

Putting dinner prep on hold, I broke out my garden tools (shocked at their early use), and went to work building a green, vibrant, miniature world. Below are the results. (With the maple saved for a larger vase to be assembled tomorrow). One was made for a good friend of mine who has the sweetest white lab. I couldn’t help adding that little critter to inhabit his own miniature world. The other was a container that I had meant to be used as a ‘dry terrarium’, to be filled with sand and succulents, but unfortunately the succulent selection (say that 3 times fast) was pretty cleared out, and I settled on a tidy little row of these bright green leafed plants. And of course, in the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday, I couldn’t help tuck in some cheeky little bunnies to frolic among this instant patch of green.



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