The Poppy Floral Design Blog

As a designer with a love for all things fun, clever, beautiful, or just plain well-designed, I’m starting this blog for a multitude of reasons.

First, as an outlet to discuss recent floral designs, events, and activities that are directly related to Poppy Floral. I love hearing feedback, and having an active flowing conversation with my clients on what turned out amazing, worked well, and even what just didn’t work. It’s ok, I want to know!

Second, as a sounding board for just nifty design topics, projects, and ideas that I come across. Being married to an architect who could make a second career out of finding amazing design projects around the web, I know there will be some that I will just have to share!

And lastly, when I’m not busy making lovely little things for my brides and grooms, I try to keep busy with my passion for all things design, and will gladly share the joys of DIY design that were successful, and perhaps projects that turned into a profanity filled Sunday afternoon. You know the ones.

May we continue to the journey of design together!

Cheers, Meghan

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