Modern Greenery at the ICA

Planning perfected....

Don’t you just love when everything perfectly falls into place? I can safely say that rarely happens, especially when it comes to wedding set-ups involving massive ceiling installations. (Looking at you wind, rickety ladder, fear of heights…) Fortunately this wedding was not only picture perfect, but a dream to plan, design, and set-up. If you’re getting married at the ICA feel free to daydream about dramatic hanging florals. The crew at The Catered Affair and the ICA showcased amazing teamwork, and lowered the massive grid ceiling down to a workable height for our designers, attaching the greenery structures with ease, and raising them up once each leaf was perfect. I don’t think I can ever go back into this venue and NOT hang something on that ceiling! 

For the ceremony space, we designed a simple yet elegant half moon shape to ‘hug’ the couple in flowers, which transferred seamlessly to surround their sweetheart later at the reception. Not having a large structure kept the view, saved on the flower budget, and allowed for an easy swap during cocktail hour. Win-win-win! 

Photos: Lena Mirisola 

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